Where Do You See Your Online Business In 5 Years Time?

Those who are still learning the ropes of running a small or home-based business may be unsure about how to accept credit cards for their goods and services. Perhaps you have sold handmade items by mail order up to this point, receiving a check in the mail as payment. Or you might run a small shop where customers come in to shop and pay by check or cash. If you are wondering how to accept credit cards, here are a few basic guidelines.

About half of all credit card holders don’t pay the full amount of charges each month. About 11 percent say they usually pay only the minimum monthly payment but not much more.

When you are in debt, your creditors hound you at work, at home, at school, practically anywhere and at any time they choose. Your life becomes miserable and you fall high risk merchant account into depression.

When it comes to service, what are you expecting? Do you need a quick response time to queries and emails? Is uptime important to you? What kind of security do you require for your site?

If you’re going to purchase the Empower Network system, you should consider buying every module and upgrade that you can. If you don’t buy upgrades, then you can’t get commission for them. For a recurring income on each sale, you need to purchase the Fast Start for $25 (the entry level price) and the Inner Circle for $100 for a total of $125, but that means you can get $125 every month from each person you sign up. You’ll also need to sign up for their accept credit card payments, which is a flat rate of $19.95 per month and covers all the gateway fees, transaction fees, etc. If your customer purchases a module you don’t have, that commission passes to your sponsor. Ouch!

Credit checks on applicants are now standard procedures among many companies. Employers will be reluctant to hire you even if you are the most qualified applicant.

First of all, WordPress is just a blogging engine. It doesn’t help you make money, nor does it provide any support outside of technical help. You are also responsible for starting your blog and learning the WordPress system all on your own.

And so, for those who are still deliberating whether to get merchant account or the third party merchant account, it is strongly suggested that whatever methods is used, remember to take into consideration the pros and cons of the two method so as to accept credit card.

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