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Choose an activity that you are interested in like walking, trekking, jogging, cycling or even an activity like writing. Anything that takes your mind away from the daily grind.

I have a young friend that wants to learn how to play the guitar. I’m a close friend of the family and he felt comfortable bringing me an old guitar he had bought from a neighbor boy, so that I could look at it and tune it for him. It was about a week before Christmas and the old guitar had seen better days. It wasn’t really worth fixing, the bridge was just about to let go of its hold on the guitar’s face. It needed replacing and that is what I did. I bought a new starter Yamaha brand guitar at the my portuguese space store as part of a Christmas special. The guitar was a very nice starter I checked it out and found it was well made for a starter. I had told Joe that I would help him get started learning the guitar. It really felt good to see that little face light up on Christmas Day. I thought about Uncle Jet.

Examiner: You’ve stated as a band that you’re bored with the whole conventions of psychobilly, like the whole idea of hanging out in graveyards with vampires and zombies, but with songs like “Romance With A Rapist,” it’s a much darker and macabre outlook on human life. Has human life somehow become more sinister than life beyond the grave?

Be around during homework time. After snacks, he knows that he has to hit the books. I sit next to him and let him do the math and spelling homework first. He has a Read & Respond activity where he has to read a chapter or two from a book of his choice. An adult has to listen while he reads aloud. So I listen to him read and summarize what he has read. After this oral activity, he has to write down his summary. Although this is a school work, listening to him means a lot to him. Being able to appreciate his abilities and giving him some help here and there is part of our bonding moment. When he needs to color or cut or finish a few more school work, I can already face the computer and start going to my inbox. Still, he appreciates my presence.

These are simply a couple of bad-habits that newbies do once they be taught to play guitar chords. To be taught to play guitar chords properly, focus on these errors first, then attempt to find yours and eventually you may be on the precise method to turning into a great guitarist.

Think about the way you feel when you listen to a really uplifting piece of music. Think about the way you feel when you see something really beautiful. Think about how you felt the last time you laughed until you cried. Instant, unadulterated happiness.

Uncle Jet’s role has passed to me Uncle James and it has gotten a little more complicated with all the information to sort though. We did come up with a plan through a bit of consulting with my new student, we decided that for now Joe would learn the basics of how to play the guitar online at a pace that will fit his schedule and won’t put extra burden on his Mom and Dad’s schedule. He checks in with Uncle James regularly and we are making decent progress, mainly due to Joe’s own initiative. He spends a lot of time online going over and over each lesson just as I told him he needed to do to teach this mind, eyes, ears, fingers, and hands. I am very proud of us both.

What will you decide that your definition of success will be? Your list will be long and contain almost anything – and – it can be extremely varied if you let it. Look in the mirror and ask that face staring at you what his or her definition of success is. Can you define YOUR success?

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