Big Mind Theory, Part 1 Of 3

Her enthusiasm and Kiwi accent made an impression. As always with new clients, I asked for her date of birth. But unusually, I was prompted from within to look up her sign while she held on, to give her a little taster of the reading to come. I told her she was 6 Mirror; That Mirror is the principle or Law of Reflection, which states that the outer universe reflects the inner; That you can change your outer world by changing your inner, your attitudes and your way of being. But equally, by changing your outer world, for example in the case of feng shui, it could dramatically impact on the inner. Her incredulousness was palpable.

One of the Machu Picchu’s best kept secret is the Temple of the Moon. Those of you who do get to climb on Huayna Picchu should not leave it without visiting the hidden temple, on the far side of the peak. It is a mysterious place and the shrine, together with the niches shaped directly into the stone of the cave that shelters the shrine, will spook you a little bit.

The people who wrote the Bible were people-they were human and therefore fallible. They had their own barrow to push, their own ideas of right and wrong and therefore what punishment should be metered out to those that transgress.

I’ve always liked latest space news probably because my father often talked about it. The February 2007 issue has an article by Christopher J. Conselice entitledThe Universe’s Invisible Hand. Christopher is an astronomer and Lecturer at the University of Nottingham. He was at Cal Tech until recently.

So Thomas if you had either taken the time to figure it out for yourself or somehow found out about Deism, you would have realised that you could acknowledge God’s existence and also evil’s existence.

You will be amazed at the thoughts you have after learning about the Hmong hill tribes practice of burying the placenta in the house after birth, and then retrieving it when they die; do they know something we don’t in Western Cultures? Those who have observed this practice, actually came back thinking about it and not considering it superstition at all.

Do you want to become His child through baptism? Learn more about Him? Have His children speak to Him on your behalf through prayers? If you do, now is the time.

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